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Khen Rinpoché Tamding Gyatso
Khen Rinpoché Tamding GyatsoFounder and Spiritual Leader
Khen Rinpoché Tamding Gyatso was born in Kham (Tibet) in 1927. He realized his studies in Ganden Shartse, one of the three main monastic Universities of Tibet, till Chinese invasion in 1959, year in which he exiles to India.

Monk since his eleven years, age at which he starts to memorize various texts enabling him to study Buddhist philosophy and psychology later. 1976 he obtains his graduation in the highest degree of Geshe (Lharampa) with outstanding results.

He received several teachings by his Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama and his two tutors Ling y Triyang Rinpoché, by Zemei Rinpoché, Thayab Tobden Rinpoché and specially by his Holiness Song Rinpoché with whom he had a very close connection and by whom he received various Sutra and secret Tantra transmissions, in Tibet as well as in India. Under tutorship of Song Rinpoché, Khen Rinpoché Tamding Gyatso realized his tantric training achieving numerous retreats of different meditational deities.

Khen Rinpoché Tamding Gyatso is spiritual guide of various centers in Spain since 1987. In 2001 his Holiness the Dalai Lama named him Abbot of the Ganden Shartse monastery in India and was enthroned as Kempo on December 15, 2001.

Geshe Tenzing Tamding
Geshe Tenzing TamdingSpiritual Guide
Geshe Tenzing Tamding was born in the Tibetan Wooden Snake Year, in August 1965 in the village Chedam, Province of Dagyab (Kham), in Tibet. His scholar father Tamding Sönam and his mother Tamdin Yangzom both came from wealthy farmer families. After six years of Chinese oppression in Tibet his mother gave birth to her fourth child Tenzing Tamding under very poor conditions in her own animal stable. She lived there with his oldest brother and two sisters. By the time of Geshe Tenzing’s birth his father was in the Chinese prisons because of his devotion to the Dalai Lama and his Buddhist religion and of defending the Tibetan Constitution.

Geshe-La was already 4 years old and visited the Chinese local school, when his father was released from prison. His father who spent in total 7 years in prison was mistreated, his legs were crippled and he was not able to walk anymore. So he stayed at home, meanwhile his wife and his older three children worked on the fields. Tamding Sönam was a very scholarly man, he had high Buddhist knowledge because he and his brother, the well known Khem Rimpoche Geshe Tamding Gyatso grew up and was taught by their uncle who was a great realized Geshe Larampa named Kelsang Puntsok. Geshe Kelsang Puntsok studied in Je Tsongkhapas Mahayana monastic mother university Ganden in Tibet and completed his degree; as well he accomplished his teachings in the Gyuto Tantra Monastery. He became abbot of the local monastery Magön and was the root guru of Dagyab Rimpoche who now resides in Germany.

His father used to teach Geshe-La and the other family members every day very strictly in their little home, hiding the dharma texts from the Chinese. In his early years Geshe Tenzing was capable to memorize the 21 Tara alabanza, several Gelugpa texts, like refuge texts and different mantras and he also learned Tibetan language.

His father passed away, when Geshe Tenzing Tamding was only 11 years old. The teachings were so profound that they would influence his entire life. A few months after her husband’s death, Geshe-la’s mother decided to become a nun, hiding her habits in public.

Only 11 years old, Geshe-La deeply touched by his father’s teachings and knowing that his uncle Khem Rimpoche was already in India, made the decision to go there and follow his footsteps. It was there that he decided that studying the dharma was really the most beneficial thing to do and set his mind on becoming a Geshe.

Together with a group of people he fled from the Himalayan Mountains to Nepal in 1977. After a trip of 2 months he arrived in India. It was a very dangerous trip where he gambled between life and death.

Once in Darjeeling where his uncle, a very recognized Geshe monk was teaching dharma in a Buddhist College, he had a very nice time, studying hard and serving his uncle. Happy that his young nephew wanted to follow in his footsteps his uncle took him to Bodhgaya to receive the monk’s ordination by His Holiness The Dalai Lama. After taking the monk vows His Holiness gave Geshe Tenzing Tamding, who also spoke Chinese the permission to start his studies in the Institute of Buddhist Philosophy in Dharamsala. Entering in an advanced class after some effort, Geshe-La became the first in his class and finished the 10 year study program in only 5 years.

During this time Geshe-la translated His Holiness´teachings for Chinese disciples and taught dharma in Chinese to a Taiwanese Monk, a personal disciple of his Holiness.

As Geshe Tenzing was very keen on finishing his Geshe Degree, he applied to His Holiness The Dalai Lama to be enrolled in Ganden Monastery. In 1982 after passing all exams Geshe-la continued his studies in the Ganden Monastery and entered in the 10th class.

After 10 years in 1992 he finished his Geshe studies. Again it was His Holiness personally who gave him permission to promote for his Geshe Larampa degree immediately which he passed with excellence and became one of the youngest Geshe Larampa in the monastery.

In 1993 just after his examination His Holiness sent him to Taiwan where he assisted the Taiwanese Monk who meanwhile had built up many Centers and Monasteries in the world. Geshe Tenzing emphasis was the teachings of Lamrim to his peer and disciples. Geshe-La traveled and taught also in his Centers in Hong Kong and the United States of America.

This Taiwanese monk made very generous donations to the Ganden Shartse Monastery, to Ganden Tsok Chen and Ganden Nyagre Kangsten and as well to Sera and Drepung Monastery.

Geshe Tenzing was active in Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and mainly in California introducing dharma teachings. He founded Centers in Singapore and Malaysia and hosted high lamas like Lati Rimpoche and his guru Jampa Yeshe Rimpoche.

In 1995 Geshe Tenzing Tamding came first to Spain to visit his uncle Khem Rimpoche and teach in his Center in Menorca. In 1999 he made another trip and gave several courses in Spain, England and Germany.

In 2002 when his uncle Khem Rimpoche, the abbot of Ganden Monastery, passed away he went back to his monastery for one year to clear all his papers and help in the monastery’s administration. His uncle appointed him as successor of the 5 Buddhist Centers in Spain, where Geshe Tenzing Tamding started his deed in 2003. Since then he built up 13 more Buddhist Centers and meditation groups in Spain. His main residence is in Menorca and he regularly visits all his Centers in Spain, Asia and America to introduce teachings, give private sessions and public talks.

In 2008 Geshe Tenzing started a 10 years teaching program in Spain which includes the authentic Sutra and Tantra teachings of the 5 major texts taught in the Ganden Monastery, this course includes as well the famous debate method, which most of his disciples perceive as essential to understand dharma. In the same year Geshe-La´s family, who now reside in California and one disciple from Taiwan made donations to acquire property in Galicia (Ourense). The rebuilding into a monastic retreat centre is in progress, a hands on job by Geshe-La and his devoted disciples. In August 2009 the first course took place in this place and more than 70 disciples participated.

Fulfilling his uncles Khem Rimpoche Tamding Gyatso´s wish, who he considers his rot guru, he also achieved to merge his 18 centers into federation which is called: ”Federación budista Tibetana Thubten Thinley”.

As well he accomplished the creation of the foundation “Cho Tsup Tsang”, for the preservation of Tibetan culture, art and Buddhist religion. The main aim of this foundation is the recreation of the main Gelugpa monastic universities Ganden, Sera and Drepung as in Tibet and India for monks and nuns and as well a section for lay people, in Spain.

Ven. Gueshe Tenzing Tamding


S.S. el XIV Dalai Lama Tenzing Gyatso.
Kyabje Khensur Tamding Gyatso Rimpoché
S.E. Kyabje Khensur Jampa Yeshe Rimpoché
S.S. Kyabje Khensur Lati Rimpoché

S.E. Gaden Nyari Tritul Rimpoché
S.E. Gaden Nyari Tritul RimpochéResident Teachers
The third reincarnation of the 89th Gaden Trigpa was born in the south of India in Mundgod as child of Mr. Phuntsok Namgyal and his mother Tsering Yangzom.

After the death of the second Tritul Rinpoche in Tibet in 1963, Nyari Khangtsen consulted his Holiness the Dalai Lama, the venerable Kyabye Triyang Rinpoché, the venerable Kyabye Zong Rinpoché and the oracles about the possible candidate of the reincarnation of Tritul Rinpoché.

In 1980 the current Nyari Tritul Rinpoché has been officially recognized as the third Tritul Rinpoché. Following custom he joined the monastery of Ganden Shartse in 1981 under tutorship of the former abbot of the Tantric Monastery Gyuto, the Ven. Nyari Gen Lobsang Tempa. He started with him the main monastic studies. The Oracle of the monastery recommended assigning Geshe Palior Tenzin, alias Ven. Tsonja as assistant, who took charge of the personal care of the young Rinpoché and worked as his personal assistant till his last breath.

In 1992 he was officially enthroned in Ganden Monastery with the same honors and rights as his Holiness Triyang Rinpoché (reincarnation of the young tutor of his Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama). Representatives of the Tibetan Government in exile, the official of the colony honored young Rinpoché with the traditional offering of Katas, followed by the abbots of the monastery and other high lamas and dignitaries. Rinpochés last tutor, the ex-abbot of Gyuto monastery, Lobsang Tempa felt very hopeful and sure about the young Rinpoché. There was not the slightest doubt on the lineage and authentity of the great XIC Tripa reincarnation.

Geshe Lobsang Yeshi
Geshe Lobsang YeshiChu Sup Tsang Monastery
Venerable Geshe Lobsang Yeshe was born on February 2, 1971 in Dagyab, in the Tibetan province of Kham. At the age of eight, he was ordained a monk in Tibet, beginning his studies of grammar, philosophy, art, etc.

In 1990, at the age of 20, he fled Tibet to live as an exile in India, the year in which he would enter the Ganden Shartse monastery, one of the most recognized monastic institutions in the world.

For 23 years he studied all the subjects of the five great treatises of the Buddhist philosophical system, completing his studies satisfactorily and graduating with honors. In 2011 he finished his studies with which he obtained the title of Geshe Larampa, equivalent to Doctor of Buddhist Philosophy.

During 2012 he completed his Tantra studies at the Gyuto Tantric Monastery.
In 2013 he received studies in modern science fields coordinated by recognized international institutions and during 2014 he was sent as the Master of the Nyare Khangtsen Tour in Europe, touring various countries such as Spain, Italy and Portugal. At the end of the tour, he began his tour of Spain, currently alternating his stay at the Chu Sup Tsang Monastery in San Amaro (Ourense) with his visits to different Spanish cities where he teaches in the different existing centers under the spiritual direction of our Master, Come. Lama Geshe Tenzing Tamding.

Geshe Jampa Ngodrup
Geshe Jampa NgodrupChu Sup Tsang Monastery
The Venerable Geshe Jampa Ngodrup was born in Kyil Thang in the Kham province of Tibet on July 11, 1974. At the age of 11 he received the ordination of a monk in the sanctuary of the same town of Kyil Thang of which he was his first Master, Ven. Lama Geshe Jampa Chodak. Right there at Kyil Thang, he began his basic studies, reading and writing Tibetan and memorizing texts.

Later he began his studies in Buddhist philosophy and logic with Geshe Jampa Chodak in the Chab Dhö monastery, near his hometown, and in 1995 he moved to the Ganden Sartre Monastery in India to formalize and complete Geshe’s studies, delving into the five great texts of Buddhist philosophy: Tsema Namdrel, Parchin, Uma, Dzo and Dulwa, and also Nga.

Throughout his life he has had many Masters including the abbot of Gänden upon his arrival in 1995, Ven. Geshe Kenzur Jampa Yeshe, or Ven. Geshe Kenzur Lati Rinpoche, among others.

Since 2013 he permanently resides in Spain, dividing his time between the Chu Sup Tsang Monastery in Ventoselo-San Amaro (Ourense) under the spiritual direction of Ven. Geshe Tenzing Tamding with his community of monks and nuns, and other Geshe Tenzing centers in Spain such as the Shantideva Buddhist Center in Novelda or the Shedrub Choeling in Gandía.