The stupas are funerary monuments that usually host the relics of great masters. Stupas in harmony the place where protecting it from natural cataclysms (floods, earthquakes…) and infectious diseases, often become places of pilgrimage having them in different shapes and sizes. They are the representation of the body, speech, and enlightened mind of the Buddha, as well as of the five elements (Earth, water, fire, air and space).

The stupa with part of the relics of Kyabje Khen Tamding Gyatso Rinpoche has been built in the place of his birth, Kyitang (in the province of Kham), near Drakyab, in Tibet. Its approximate height is 30 metres, and inside houses all the canons of the Buddhist Dharma, many statues of various Buddhas, Sakyamuni, Maitreya, Lama Tsong Khapa and his two disciples, etc. The stupa caused the admiration of the people of the place, and is a place where they will receive many blessings, so many people in the region go pilgrimage and there perform prostrations, they meditate, study and bypass it by reciting mantras, all with the aim of increasing the merits.

After the Parinirvana of Kyabje Khen Tamding Gyatso Rinpoche, was built at the monastery of Gaden Shartse five stupas of about 30 cm. of height with relics of the master, and were donated to five centers founded in Spain by: – Ganden choeling monastery Menorca – Chakrasamvara Seville – Tamding Choëling Sevilla – Shedrub Choëling Gandía – Ganden choeling monastery La Coruña.