The Gelug Monastery Gaden Shartse is situated in South India, in the State of Karnataka, where it was rebuilt after being destroyed in Tibet.

It is hosting about 1500 monks from age 4 till the age of 100. A lot of them are orphans which the monastery provides gratis by accomodation, care and food. The monastery provides all the necessary studies to achieve the highest degree of the Gelugpa education system, the Geshe Larampa title, equivalent to the philosophy doctor title (PhD) according to Indian University.

Sponsor a Monk

The Gelugpa Monastery of Gaden Shartse is located in southern India, in the Karnataka region, where it has been reconstructed as a copy of the vanished Monastery Gaden Shartse of Tibet. A community of around 1500 monks, aged between 4 to 100 years, is living here. Many of those are orphans to whom the monastery is offering free accommodation, nutrition and teaching.

The monastery proposes all studies to empower the monks to achieve the Geshe Lharampa grade (Highest academic honor in the Gelugpa tradition, comparable to Doctor degree in Philosophy). The monks deal to supply themselves with their own plantations, whose seeds were donated. However every year during the raining seasons the plantations are devastated and therefore they depend on the received donations.

The sanitary conditions are very precarious, with problems regarding accommodation, lavatories, electricity, drinking water, etc. Only once per year a medical visit is received (for all residents) provoking frequently diseases as Tuberculosis, Diabetes, cardiac problems, blindness etc. Another reason for the many deceases is the Indian climate, very different to the Tibetan climate.

As the majority of the monks are Tibetan refugees, the though conditions of the journey to India causes that they arrive in very miserable conditions, as loosing members or paralysis due to freezing, or suffering during the journey different diseases (diarrheas, fevers…) For all these reasons the monastery is extremely grateful for all the realized help by the persons collaborating on the support by sponsoring monks.

The received sponsorship money covers the needs of the monk and the rest is directed to the community; a link between sponsor and monk is created through letters, who can follow his personal and monastically development. The amount of donations for sponsoring is complete free, as the monastery is very grateful for the smallest help. As a reference we can mention that the average is 0,55 € per day (equals around €200 per year). Due to the high bank fees for money transfers they are usually made once per full or half year.

If you wish to sponsor a monk, please contact us and we will inform you largely.